Time is the Soul..

Time is the main core of Event Management.Once you enter this profession, maintaining the timeline should be your motto. The responsibility of completing the work on time is your real challenge.Once you commit an event,the planning for the event should start from the day the event is committed. There is no option for keeping it to the last minute as the word ‘BUT’ does not have a place in your dictionary. There is no instance for excuses in this profession. You cannot take things for granted. When you give in yourself to Event Management, there is no day or night; you should be working, travelling from one place to another, putting your mind and body into it without thinking of any break. You should be able to prove that you know how to manage time by executing the task sufficiently well in the allotted period.


Event Management as a Profession

Event Management is the effort to project management to create and develop events which takes certain skill set. It needs a keen eye for aesthetics, countless hours of planning and an ability to find solution to the problems which might come up just out of the blue. Co-ordination is the most needed and important thing as this is what leads to the successful conduct of an Event. This is a profession that involves lot of tensions and pressures. The process of planning and co-coordinating the event is usually referred to as Event Planning. An Event Manager takes charge of the Events and he/she is the person who executes the Events and is responsible and ensures to get everything right and perfect for the event to imprint. Event Management can be the most exciting profession if you put your heart and soul into it.

Appealing And Trendy Anklet Designs For All Brides-To-Be

All you brides, hold on for a moment here! You must be spoilt for choice with the breathtaking varieties of neck pieces, bracelets and earrings to adorn yourself with. But the need of the hour is to choose something that’s cool and in trend. So, the age-old yet an amazing fashion of wearing anklets is in again.

Delicate and simple

Brides can keep the style edgy and simple with the fragile and sleek anklets. Though the barely-there chains define the policy of ‘less is more’, they will definitely shine through. Opt for a stylish and super-fine anklet in gold or silver tone for a subtle look.

Beaded rings

Beaded anklets are the right choice if you think out-of-the-box. If you want colors other than metallic shades, this is the one for you

Traditional Indian payal

If you are a bride who wishes to nail that conventional look, these pajebs (anklets) are sure to catch your attention.

Gold charm

To keep it simple yet high on bling, gold anklets are the way to go. Modern brides can always count on striking, simple or designer gold anklets to add a twist to the traditional anklets.

Thick silver anklets in multiple layers

Every girl has once dreamt of adorning herself with something like this on her special day. If you too want to go happily walking around your wedding and rituals, just opt for this classic, heavy style.

Coolest Wedding Invitations Ideas For Couples Who Are Getting Married Soon

What do you do when you have to pick out an invitation for your wedding? You visit a wedding card shop and browse through shelves stacked with colourful invitations. And then, you shortlist designs and successfully pick one.

Template invites with nothing but clichéd words, dates, and venue information are not in vogue anymore. Couples want their invites to be unique. It should reflect their personality, and capture memorable events that brought them together. This is where ‘creative invitations’ come into the picture. These are created just for the couples to shout out their story through ingenious designs.

Here are a few fun ideas to create an invitation card that will make you smile even after years.

#1. Say your story

Tell your story about meeting for the first time at your workplace or in a coffee shop. Pour out your love-at-first-sight scenes. Get all those special moments in your invitation card.cool wedding invites

2. Express your common interests

What are the common interests that you and your partner share? Design your card as a movie poster or a movie ticket if you guys are movie buffs. Do you spend a lot of time playing board games or poker? Let your card take on a game theme.

cool wedding invites

3.Add quirkiness

Do your guests live abroad? Invite them with a boarding pass-themed invite. Or even better, create a Skype-themed card to invite them virtually for your wedding. Your guests will feel personally invited and all the more excited to attend your wedding.

quirky wedding invites

Ritz Cover launch

Ritz Cover Launch and Business Summit

Ritz Magazine, South India’s Premiere uber lifestyle magazine had its cover launch, wherein the cover photo was the CEO of CGH Earth group, Jose Dominic.  Along with him were some esteemed guest Mr Riaz Ahmed, MD of Abad Group of Hotels, Sheela Kochouseph founder of V-star, Miss Aruna R Krishnan, MD of Ritz Magazine and Mr Vineeth Mishra, General Manager of Marriott Hotels and Raju Kannampuzha , MD Executive events .

The event started with different personalities mingling and chatting over the wonderful spread by Marriott. The spread was a combination of healthy treats with a unique punch. There were paintings from the artist, Reshma Thomas. Reshma had a passion for painting at a very early age. She is a self-taught artist. “A For Art” was her first show. Her current series is titled Imprints. The event started with making of the magazine video clip, followed by Mr Jose Dominic’s Speech.  After that they unveiled the painting of Reshma Thomas which focused on the LGBT community, the rest of the guest panel gave a few words. The business summit started with Mr Dominic, followed by the rest of the panel. They spoke about their struggles, inspiration, ambitions and future of Kerala which looks promising.

We at Executive Events are proud to be associated with a magazine like Ritz and like to wish Miss Aruna Krishnan all the best for the future of the magazine

Hospitality Professionals Group

#Nammude Swantham Onam

The hospitality group decided to have an Onam get together at Le Meridian Kochi.

It was a simple close-knit event, where they had fun-filled games and activities to lift the spirit of Onam.

They had the traditional tug-of-war and uriyadi . After all the games and activities were over, it was time to serve lunch, just in time when everyone was famished. Le Meridian did an amazing job serving authentic Onam Sadhya along with two delicious payasam ada pradaman and paruppu payasam.

After the delicious lunch, they had a traditional Mr Kerala and Ms Kerala competition called Malayali Manga & Malayali Mahan wherein the nominated few have to speak about their memorable Onam.

Listening to them speak, got me thinking about how traditions have changed and how people get nostalgic about the good old days. Few of them said that back in the day, the families used to make the Onam sadya at their homes and nowadays people cater it or order it from restaurants.  People used to start planning way in advance regarding gifts and get all their clothes were stitched weeks in advance. Nowadays people get clothes readymade or buy last minute gifts from shops or malls, and the effort of all this are lost between the generations.